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Daria Spartan, Esq.

Daria earned her Juris Doctorate from Drake University School of Law in 2002. As a student attorney and practicing attorney she helped to found Drake University's Center for Children's Rights. Daria practiced law in Iowa for 11 years before becoming a member of the Washington State Bar Association in 2013. Daria has been appointed as Guardian ad Litem or attorney for children and minor parents in family law and dependency matters since 2002.

Daria currently accepts appointments as a Family Law Guardian ad Litem / Parental Investigator for the Pierce County Superior Court, and as an attorney for children in Dependency Court. For fun, Daria is also a Co-Trainer for the University of Washington's Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence, providing training on child development, abuse and neglect, the effects of trauma on a child's brain and body, as well as trauma-informed care.

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